Health and Fitness

Learn all about the many ways we keep our bodies healthy at Perez Elementary!

Breakfast in the Classroom

At Perez Elementary, every student receives breakfast in the classroom every day free of charge. We believe that healthy bodies help us learn. Make sure your student arrives on time to enjoy breakfast with their classmates and teacher.


Perez Elementary has a fabulous cheerleading team that practices frequently each week and performs at Friday morning assemblies. Our cheerleaders have great connections to the community and have cheered at Akins High School football games and Special Olympics.

Marathon Kids

Perez students participate in the Marathon kids program and will have run the equivalent of 4 marathons by the end of the school year!

Running Team

The Perez Running Team participates annually in the Capitol 10K. Check out our awards!


Perez 1st Graders participate in a week long swimming clinic every spring.

Wellness Wednesdays

Our PE Coach works with a leadership group of kids who promote health and wellness throughout the week. On Wednesdays, teachers and students focus on exercises that they complete during the school day to keep their bodies and brains healthy.

Work on Wellness (WOW) and Recess

Students at Perez participate in 20 minutes of exercise daily and 30 minutes of recess. We know the importance of play and exercise for young children and their development.