Dual Language - Lenguaje dual

Since its inception in 2005, LCpl Nicholas S. Perez Elementary School has been committed to quality bilingual and dual language education for the students of the Dove Springs neighborhood.  We offer Dual Language programming for students who speak Spanish at home as well as students who speak English in the home.

What is Dual Language?

Dual Language programs allow students to access the subject areas in both English and Spanish.  In Austin ISD the goal of Dual Language programs is this:

Students will develop a high academic and linguistic proficiency in two languages by participating in a rigorous academic program that enhances the development of bilingualism, biculturalism, and biliteracy so that students will graduate ready for college, career, and life in a globally competitive economy.

At Perez Elementary School, students enrolled in the Dual Language program receive at least half of their instruction in Spanish during the day.  From Pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade, teachers emphasize developing fluency in both English and Spanish, regardless of the language spoken in the home.

How can my child participate in the Dual Language program?

If a student speaks Spanish in the home and they meet the requirements to be classified as an English Language Learner, they can participate in the Dual Language program when they register for school.  If a student speaks English in the home and does not meet the requirements to be classified as an English Language Learner, they may enter the program as a Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st grade student.  When registering at the front office, speak with our office staff about enrolling in the program.

Beyond bilingualism...

At Perez Elementary School we believe that when a student experiences the language and traditions of another culture that they will then develop positive attitudes towards cultures outside of their own.  For this reason, we emphasize cultural experiences for all of our students whether they participate in the Dual Language program or not.  We have bilingual morning assemblies.  We celebrate Spanish language with guest readers from the community on Diez y seis de septiembre.  We also infuse cultural studies througout our curriculum at every grade level.  We believe that our students leave Perez Elementary School for middle school with a strong sense biculturalism.